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The following excerpts are from an email exchange among Takuan Seiyo, Fjordman, and myself. Takuan started the conversation with an extensive list of left-wing groups that stage and support “White Privilege” seminars and similar PC MC scams.

The ensuing discussion between Fjordman and Takuan is worth reproducing, so, with their permission, here’s what they said:

Fjordman: Where is this “white privilege,” anyway? Whites today are not allowed to have a single country, or even a single city, suburb or school, all to themselves. It’s literally considered “racism”, and thus a crime for people of European origins merely to congregate and be themselves.

Anything we have just for us should be broken down through the active intervention of the authorities. There are now more nationalities in the city of Oslo alone than there are member states of the United Nations, despite the fact that Norway has no colonial history and gained its modern independence as late as the twentieth century.

Not only is the country being colonized, it’s a “hyper-colony” for all nations and “people of color” on the surface of the Earth, and the natives are expected to fund this and celebrate their own state-sponsored dispossession. How “privileged” does that make them, really?

The ruling ideology of the USA today is Dark Skin Privilege. That’s why they currently have a President whose primarily qualification is his dark skin color.

Takuan: That’s not so much our current privilege they are talking about. They want us to pay for our past privilege. After all it’s a privilege to have invented science and all modern social institutions, and to have an IQ 1-2 sigmas higher on average.

It’s a privilege that we had flintlock muskets, and they had only wooden clubs and bows and arrows.

It’s an unearned privilege (that’s an official term) — particularly for the Anglos, Nordics, Germans and Slavs — to inherit genes that make you tall, white-skinned and blond (the “coloreds” are of course far more hung up on skin color than we are).

A “Hispanic” once told me in an angry tone than not only we have stolen a part of Mexico, but we have stolen the part with better roads and highways.

Of course it’s all preposterous madness. Not the angry coloreds’ — they are not mad but acting rationally to further their interests. The madness is on the part of whites who support this. Where is the revolt?

Fjordman: We should also mention that on the 22nd of March 2011, individuals representing more than one hundred different nationalities gathered in front of the Royal Palace in Oslo, accompanied by Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, to celebrate the diversity of the kingdom.

People from 215 different nations have become “Norwegians” in a few decades. “Norway needed this,” said Fery Nourkami, the non-native who came up with the idea for the gathering.

Takuan: As an immigrant addressing this to a not-so, I’d like you to express what “white privilege” meant to the ancestors of those whites who had American ancestors pre-1850s. What it took to build the colony in Virginia, or to settle the Midwest and then the West. What incredible hardships and fortitude, and what perils.

Up to the 1960s, the typical immigrant was conscious of those and grateful that he could build a life based on a foundation laid by the blood, sweat and tears of previous generations of others’ ancestors. No more; since the 1960s they are coming for the government-provided honeypot.

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