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Critical comments have been published about the alleged extremism of the English Defence League (EDL), the anti-Jihadist street protest movement that is active in many English cities.

The origins of the EDL can be traced back to Luton, England in the spring of 2009, after British troops were harassed by militant Muslims. Scandinavian blogger Conservative Swede commented in April 2009 that “The police broke up a march on Monday 13/4/09 by British people wanting to reclaim their streets from Muslim fanatics. Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq. This is the first time I can remember seeing Westerners act morally. All morality is ultimately rooted in moral outrage. Without socially manifested moral outrage there can only be nihilism. All the priestly preachers of the all-encompassing Enlightenment tsunami, and their priestly institutions, have during the last centuries, and especially during the last decades, worked eagerly to deprive the Westerners of all sense of morality, all sense of honour, and left us with nothing but their cynical, destructive and cruel nihilism; which is in the process of killing us as a civilization. It’s good to see the goodness and honour of these young men. It shows the natural sense of morality that after all exists under the surface among the Westerners. Something we haven’t seen since the days of Enoch Powell. Something that has been utterly suppressed by the traitorous pharisees in our ruling classes.”

It is interesting to notice that persons who work for the other team can often see things more clearly than many of us do. Jon Cruddas, a Labour Party MP, wrote in an essay in the left-wing, pro-Islamic newspaper The Guardian that “What makes the EDL much more dangerous is how it reflects a wider political and cultural war. Across western Europe rightwing populist parties are achieving huge electoral success on the same anti-Islam platform.”

Yes. This happens because ordinary people now sense that we are being lied to. We are fed-up with seeing our so-called leaders appease organizations that have declared war against our societies, while our sons and daughters are being harassed in the streets by immigrant gangs.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time,” as Abraham Lincoln once allegedly stated. The number of people who truly believe that Islam is a religion of peace is rapidly declining in all Western countries, despite a concerted pro-Islamic propaganda campaign in our mass media that would have made Chairman Mao proud. The treasonous multicultural elites in our countries are losing this battle for the minds of their people and are finally getting nervous.

I notice that left-wing media such as the BBC and The Guardian, both notorious for their pro-Islamic, anti-Christian and anti-Western bias, are very concerned that the EDL might spread “Islamophobia” and critical comments about their country’s insane immigration policies to wider sections of the general public. As far as I am concerned, that’s the best possible recommendation the EDL could get. That alone is reason enough to support their efforts.

Islamic Jihad has declared an eternal war against all other cultures and religions on this planet. Promoting Islamic propaganda and viewpoints while harassing those who tell the truth about Islam for “Islamophobia and racism” makes you complicit in Islam’s war against humanity. This makes the BBC, The Guardian and their ilk throughout the Western world enemies of civilization. Not just enemies of Western civilization, which they surely are, but enemies of any civilization worthy of the name.

The left-wing organization Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has taken part in several counter demonstrations against the EDL in various cities. They denounce the EDL as “violent racists and fascists” and are planning a special conference titled “Celebrate diversity, defend multiculturalism, oppose Islamophobia and racism” on 15 October 2011. The conference has received the support of powerful Islamic organizations such as the Muslim Council of Britain.

The current leader of UAF is Labour Party politician Ken Livingstone, who was Mayor of London between 2000 and 2008. He has also served as a Member of Parliament (MP). As mayor, Livingstone was notorious for his friendly relations with repressive Marxist leaders such as Fidel Castro, not to mention for extending official invitations to Yusuf al-Qaradawi as an “honoured guest.” Yusuf al-Qaradawi is widely recognized as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most dangerous totalitarian organizations in the world today, with branches in dozens of countries. Mr. Qaradawi has openly bragged about how Muslims will conquer Europe. Other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have also stated in public that their long-term goal is to smash Western civilization and replace it with Islamic sharia law.

According to Ken Livingstone’s world view, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and others like him are “moderate” if they want to colonize our countries and wipe out our entire civilization; the EDL and groups like them are branded as “extremists” merely for resisting their own dispossession and destruction. I wish I could say that this is an exaggeration, but it’s not. It’s the actual situation throughout most of the Western world today, not just England or Britain. Livingstone gives a face to those who are betraying the greatest civilization that ever existed.

In addition to major trade unions and the Labour Party, the UAF receives support from most of the British political establishment. Apart from the loathsome Mr. Livingstone, other senior members of UAF include Weyman Bennett of the Socialist Workers Party, which is well-known for its “revolutionary Socialist” (read: Communist) sympathies. Communist regimes were responsible for the deaths of an estimated 100 million people in the last 80 years alone. It is a sick joke when individuals with Marxist sympathies are allowed to denounce others, with very little evidence, for having “totalitarian sympathies.” It’s time for that joke to end.

I hear claims about the supposedly “totalitarian” leanings of the English Defence League, but I have yet to see any real proof of these allegations. It is far easier to find people with such sympathies, or links to groups with such sympathies, among certain critics of the EDL like Unite Against Fascism (UAF) or even the BBC. If totalitarian groups exist within the EDL they should of course be denounced, but that is not what I see when I look at the EDL today.

I see brave people, ordinary men and women, who after years of humiliation and degradation are finally sick and tired of having to watch evil groups and organizations from other parts of the world being allowed to colonize their country and destroy their freedom, with barely a peep of protest from the local authorities. From that perspective, the EDL represents the only good news to come out of the repressive and dysfunctional country known as modern Britain in years. The organization has even inspired similar groups in other parts of Western Europe.

I don’t know what the EDL will amount to in the future, but right now it represents potential and hope. That’s why I support the efforts of the EDL, and that’s why you should do so, too.

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