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Islamophile Illusions

I have challenged Marie Simonsen, commentator in Dagbladet, to provide some concrete examples of places where Muslims have lived peacefully with their non-Muslim neighbors over longer periods of time. Personally, I don’t think any such place exists, which means that the term Islamophobia, so frequently used by her newspaper and others, is completely meaningless.

In an essay of 27 October, Rune Berglund Steen, head of communications at the Centre against Racism, claims that one can turn my original question on its head and ask whether Christians are able to live in harmony with their neighbors.

I am sure that is possible, although it is striking to notice that the Centre against Racism doesn’t even attempt to answer the original question. Some would speculate that this is because they cannot answer it. Islam’s bloody borders with other peoples, from Thailand to the Middle East, are well-known and well-documented.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen from the University of Oslo points out that Han Chinese commit atrocities against Tibetans, whites against blacks and blacks against whites. “The list of groups who cannot always live peacefully together would be a long one,” according to him.

Islam is not a completely necessary ingredient for creating conflicts, which we can see in Northern Ireland and other places. I have never been foolish enough to claim that this is the case; I am merely pointing out that Islam will dramatically increase the likelihood of serious conflicts. I am currently halfway through an English language book about how Islam in my view cannot be reformed. I would be happy to publish an essay about this topic under my real name if any newspaper dares to print it, which is doubtful.

It is true that the potential for conflict exists between closely related European and Asian nations even when Islam is not present. What does that mean? Ironically, it means that Hylland Eriksen, perhaps the country’s most prominent Multicultural ideologue, and the Centre against Racism have themselves smashed the foundations of their own ideology, apparently without realizing it. World history shows, unfortunately, that ethnic diversity strongly increases the risk of serious conflicts.

The Nordic countries’ greatest advantage, historically speaking, has been an ethnically homogeneous population. Our greatest competitive advantage is now being destroyed by state-sponsored politics. As an analogy, let’s say you had a big pile of gold and professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen told you to flush half of the gold down the toilet because this was supposed to be economically beneficial.

Hylland Eriksen said in an interview in 2008 that “The most important ‘blank spot’ now consists of deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again”. If he had said that Somalis or Pakistanis should be deconstructed, this would have triggered strong reactions. Why is it always white Europeans, and only them, who are to be deconstructed and have their countries and cultural history taken away from them?

The political scientist Øystein Hetland described me on 31 October as an extremist, among other reasons because I am very critical towards Islam, and ask what it takes to make a democratic society work. I wrote the following on Gates of Vienna on the occasion of my fifth anniversary as Fjordman: “Are Islamic teachings inherently violent? Yes. Can Islam be reformed? No. Can Islam be reconciled with our way of life? No. Is there such as thing as a moderate Islam? No. Can we continue to allow Muslims to settle in our countries? No.”

These few sentences contain all the information about Islam you will ever need. Do I regret writing this? No. One ought to tell the truth, even when it is unpleasant.

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Fjordman: Notes to the Media

In English:

I am still getting many emails from journalists. Yes, if you send emails to this website (Gates of Vienna) I do normally get them. I may choose to answer a few journalists directly and have already done so, but some others will be answered indirectly via this website. I hope you understand that I do not want to make my email address public.

I was not involved in these senseless murders in any way, and have nothing to hide, but I am so swamped right now that I cannot promise that I will answer everybody. It’s beyond my personal capacity to do so. I will answer as many as I can in English or in Norwegian, the only languages I know well enough to write in.

I would like to thank those who sent me so many support emails, from Australia to Israel. I greatly appreciate it, and I am sorry that I cannot thank all of you directly. I hope we can eventually return to doing what this website normally does, which is to post essays on important subjects, some of them controversial, others not so much. But for right now the attention focused on this website is so unusual that we have to deal with that issue first.

Comments will still be closed for the time being. We apologize to regular readers for this, but hope you understand the situation.

I want to emphasize a few important points. According to what has been reported in the mass media, Anders Behring Breivik started planning his barbaric attacks as far back as 2002. That was before Robert Spencer had started his website Jihad Watch.

The very first post I ever wrote under the name Fjordman was in February 2005. It is still available online on my old blog and can be easily verified by anybody who wants to. This also means that this horrible man had been planning mass murder for years before he had read even a single word I had ever written.

I’d just like to point that out.

I would also like to point out that hundreds of thousands of people from Canada to India have read my essays over the years, and to my knowledge not a single one of them has killed so much as a sparrow as a result of doing so.

I have read about the unspeakable things Anders Behring Breivik did at Utøya. Any person doing such a thing is a monster. He murdered dozens of people in cold blood and injured countless others, mentally or physically. That’s bad enough, and it will take years for those wounds to heal, if they ever do.

It is irresponsible in this situation to try to expand his list of victims even further, from hundreds to hundreds of millions of people, by exploiting this atrocity to shut down vital political debates about immigration, Multiculturalism, or Islam in multiple countries. It cannot be allowed to happen.

That monster has already executed many people. He should not be allowed to execute political freedom in the Western world as well.

På norsk:

Jeg får fremdeles mange eposter fra journalister. Ja, his dere sender eposter til denne nettsiden vil jeg som regel motta dem. Kanskje kan dere merke dem med noe på engelsk, for eksempel “Questions from Norwegian journalist” pluss navn. Jeg vil sannsynligvis velge å svare noen journalister direkte mens andre vil bli svart indirekte via denne nettsiden. Jeg håper dere skjønner at jeg ikke ønsker å gjøre min epostadresse offentlig på det nåværende tidspunkt.

Jeg var ikke involvert overhodet i de sanseløse massemordene og har ingenting å skjule, men jeg er såpass overveldet akkurat nå at jeg ikke kan love at jeg vil svare alle. Det er rett og slett mer enn jeg har personlig kapasitet til å gjøre.

Jeg har mottatt en forespørsel fra NRK Dagsrevyen om å gjøre et intervju med kamera. Det velger jeg dessverre å takke nei til på dette tidspunktet. Jeg er blitt spurt om det samme fra TV2 og sa nei også da, men sa ja til et intervju per epost. Dersom NRK vil ha dette vil jeg sannsynligvis akseptere. Jeg har også akseptert intervju per epost fra Adresseavisen og VG. Av utenlandske journalister har jeg takket ja til et engelskspråklig intervju med Der Spiegel.

Jeg vil gjerne benytte anledningen til å takke for alle støtteepostene jeg mottar, fra Australia til Israel. Det setter jeg stor pris på, og jeg er lei for at jeg ikke kan takke alle direkte. Jeg håper vi kan før eller siden gå tilbake til å gjøre det denne nettsiden vanligvis gjør, nemlig å poste essayer om viktige temaer, noen av dem kontroversielle, andre mindre så. Men akkurat nå er fokuset såpass uvanlig at vi må håndtere det først.

Kommentarer vil derfor være stengt inntil videre. Vi ber om unnskyldning til faste lesere for dette men håper at de forstår situasjonen.

Jeg vil legge vekt på noen viktige momenter. Ut ifra det som er blitt rapportert i massemediene startet Behring Breivik planleggingen av sine barbariske angrep så langt tilbake som i 2002. Dette var før Robert Spencer hadde startet sin nettside Jihad Watch.

Den absolutt første posten jeg gjorde under navnet Fjordman var i februar 2005. Den er fremdeles tilgjengelig online på min gamle blogg og kan enkelt verifiseres av hvem som helst. Dette betyr også at denne forferdelige mannen hadde planlagt massemord i årevis før han hadde lest ett eneste ord jeg noensinne hadde skrevet.

Jeg vil bare poengtere dette.

Jeg vil også gjerne påpeke at hundre tusenvis av mennesker fra Canada til India har lest mine tekster i løpet av årene. Så vidt meg bekjent har ingen av dem drept så mye som en spurv på grunn av det.

Jeg har lest om de unevnelige tingene som Behring Breivik gjorde på Utøya. En person som gjør noe slikt er et monster. Han myrdet dusinvis av mennesker med kaldt blod og skadet talløse andre, mentalt eller fysisk. Det er ille nok, og det vil ta mange år for disse sårene til å leges, om de noen gang gjør det.

Det er uansvarlig i denne situasjonen å forsøke å gjøre hans liste over ofre enda lengre, fra hundrevis til millioner av mennesker, ved å utnytte disse grusomhetene til å stenge av nødvendige debatter omkring innvandring, multikulturalisme og islam i ulike land. Det kan ikke tillates å skje.

Det monsteret har allerede henrettet mange mennesker. Han bør ikke få lov til å henrette politisk frihet i den vestlige verden også.

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Thoughts on the Recent Atrocities

Monday, July 25, 2011

We have unusual traffic to this website right now because of the massacres that took place in the Oslo region this Friday, July 22. Apparently, the person who is currently suspected of having committed these atrocities and murdered nearly one hundred people in cold blood, Anders Behring Breivik, has quoted me and this website in a book he has published.

It is only fair in this situation that I publish some of my thoughts about this horrible weekend, one of the worst my small nation has experienced in a long time. I know there are journalists trying to get in touch with me at the moment, but I cannot answer everybody, nor do I want to. I may publish more texts in the coming week as well but let us start with this. I normally write for an international audience, but since this incident involved Norwegian victims and a Norwegian perpetrator I will also include the same text in Norwegian, after the English one.

In English:

No, I have never met Anders Behring Breivik in my life. He doesn’t even know what I look like.

No, I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the massacres that took place on Friday in central Oslo and at Utøya. I was nowhere near the scene. I was planning to go and watch a movie at a local cinema with a family member when I got a message that a massive explosion had rocked central Oslo. From that moment on, I was liveblogging along with nearly a dozen different people at Gates of Vienna until after the assumed shooter had been caught at Utøya.

How did I react to the events I witnessed this afternoon? With absolute horror and disgust, just like everybody else did. I admit that I thought at first we were dealing with an Islamic Jihadist attack, which seemed to be confirmed by the claims of some Islamic organizations that they were behind it. But the shootings at Utøya did not seem to follow the usual Jihadist pattern, and as the evening went by it slowly became clear that we were dealing with something else, and possibly something even more horrifying. Whoever committed those unspeakable atrocities is a monster and deserves just as little pity as he gave to his innocent, unarmed victims.

How do I feel about knowing that the assumed perpetrator of these atrocities has quoted me in his much-talked about book? Absolutely terrible. What else can I say? I must stress that I have not yet read his very long book or manifest and I have neither the time nor the stomach to do so at the present time. I can only refer to the bits and pieces of it quoted in various news articles and what others keep telling me. He has apparently quoted a great many texts from a variety of public sources, one of them being me. His total lack of respect for human life is not, however, something he can have picked up from me, or from any of the other Islam-critical writers I know such as Robert Spencer or Bat Ye’or. Indeed, the lack of respect for human life is often one of the great shortcomings of Islamic culture that we have consistently pointed out.

I have also never called for violence in any of my essays, and I would estimate that I have published between one million and two million words under this name on the Internet. I honestly don’t know myself, I lost track years ago. These essays are not hidden. They are all out in the open on the Internet and can be found by anybody with access to a search engine. I have nothing to hide, as far as I am concerned. I write about subjects ranging from astrophysics to the history of chocolate and beer, but I also write about sensitive and controversial topics, and I know it. We cannot stop writing about charged but important issues. People like me have been warning against rising ethnic tensions for years, not creating them. They have been created by runaway mass immigration to Western countries, and as long as that runaway immigration continues, I fear that these tensions are going to continue to rise as well. I do not wish this; I am merely warning that this is likely to happen.

Am I an extremist? I admit that I have a strong dedication to truth. Of that, I am guilty. For instance, I notice that virtually nobody talked about “moderate Islam” versus “radical Islam” or “Islamism” until very recently. Why is that? And although nearly all the major newspapers, TV stations and leading politicians throughout the Western world assure us daily that there is a huge difference between moderate and radical Islam, few if any of them seem able to explain exactly what that difference consists of. I find that strange, and I’m not the only one.

Does pointing this out make me very extreme? Perhaps. But then how do you explain that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of NATO member state Turkey, has stated publicly that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam? After all, he’s a very, very moderate Muslim man in charge of a very, very moderate Muslim country where Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf was a bestseller as late as in 2005. I know how moderate Erdogan is because Western leaders always remind us of this fact. So if this exceptionally moderate man says that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam, surely he is worth listening to?

The most extreme thing I did this weekend was sleep barely at all for two nights in a row, first of all because of the horrible events I had just witnessed, which deeply affected me, but also because of false rumors that circulated in several countries for days that this man who massacred nearly 100 persons was me. I have been in the blogging business for a few years now and have been through some public fights along the way, but I have never before been accused of being the worst mass murderer in Scandinavian history. That’s a first even for me, and I sincerely hope there won’t be a second time. I’m a normal human being and did not particularly enjoy this. The second-most extreme thing I have done this weekend is watching an old movie, drinking Pinot noir red wine from New Zealand and reading a book about medieval history. This happens to be the most extreme thing I do on any average weekend.

På norsk:

Nei, jeg har aldri i hele mitt liv møtt Anders Behring Breivik. Han vet ikke engang hvordan jeg ser ut.

Nei, jeg hadde absolutt ingenting å gjøre med massakrene som fant sted i Oslo sentrum og på Utøya nå på fredag. Jeg var overhodet ikke i nærheten av åstedet. Jeg planla et kinobesøk med et familiemedlem da jeg fikk melding om at en kraftig eksplosjon hadde rystet Oslo sentrum. Fra det øyeblikk av liveblogget jeg med nesten et dusin ulike personer på Gates of Vienna resten av kvelden, helt frem til etter at den antatte gjerningsmannen var tatt på Utøya.

Hvordan reagerte jeg på hendelsene denne fredagen? Med absolutt skrekk og forferdelse, som alle andre. Jeg innrømmer at jeg først trodde det handlet om et islamsk Jihadistisk angrep, men skytingen på Utøya så ikke ut til å følge det vanlige Jihadistiske mønsteret. Ettersom kvelden gikk ble det langsomt klart at vi hadde å gjøre med noe annet og kanskje enda mer forferdelig. Hvem som nå enn gjorde de fryktelige handlingene på Utøya er et monster som fortjener akkurat lite like sympati som han gav til sine uskyldige, ubevæpnede ofre.

Hvordan føles det å vite at den antatte gjerningsmannen bak disse fryktelige forbrytelsene siterer meg i sin mye omtalte bok? Aldeles forferdelig. Jeg vet ikke hva annet jeg kan si. Jeg må imidlertid legge vekt på at jeg ennå ikke har lest hans meget lange bok eller manifest, og jeg har hverken tid eller mage til å gjøre dette på det nåværende tidspunkt. Jeg kan i dag kun forholde meg til de bitene og utdragene som refereres i massemediene og som andre har fortalt meg. Det virker som om han har sitert en lang rekke ulike, offentlig tilgjengelige tekster, hvorav enkelte er mine. Hans totale mangel på respekt for menneskeliv er derimot ikke noe han kan ha plukket opp fra meg eller fra noen annen islam-kritisk skribent jeg kjenner, som Robert Spencer eller Bat Ye’or. Tvert imot er mangel på respekt for menneskeliv en av de store svakhetene i islamsk kultur som vi konsekvent har påpekt.

Jeg har heller aldri tatt til orde for vold i mine tekster, og jeg vil anslå at jeg har publisert mellom en og to millioner ord under dette navnet på internett. Jeg vet ærlig talt ikke selv, jeg mistet tellingen for lenge siden. Disse essayene er ikke skjulte. De er alle åpent tilgjengelige på internett for enhver person som har tilgang til en søkemotor. Jeg har ingenting å skjule fra mitt synspunkt. Jeg skriver om temaer som spenner fra astrofysikk til historien om sjokolade og øl, men jeg skriver også om følsomme og kontroversielle temaer og jeg vet det godt. Vi kan ikke slutte å skrive om viktige, men vanskelige temaer. Folk som meg har advart mot økte etniske spenninger i mange år, vi har ikke skapt dem. De er blitt skapt av en voldsom masseinnvandring til vestlige land. Så lenge denne masseinnvandringen fortsetter frykter jeg at de etniske spenningene også vil fortsette å øke. Jeg ønsker ikke dette, jeg advarer mot det.

Er jeg en ekstremist? Jeg innrømmer at jeg har en sterk trang til å søke sannhet. Det er jeg skyldig i. For eksempel har jeg lagt merke til at nesten ingen snakket om “moderat islam” mot “radikalt islam” eller “islamisme” inntil ganske nylig. Hvorfor ikke? Og selv om nesten samtlige av de store avisene, TV-stasjonene og ledende politikerne over hele den vestlige verden forsikrer oss daglig om at det er en enorm forskjell mellom moderat og radikalt islam er det få eller ingen av dem som ser ut til å kunne forklare nøyaktig hva den forskjellen består i. Jeg finner dette merkelig, og jeg er ikke den eneste.

Er jeg veldig ekstrem for å påpeke dette? Kanskje. Men hvordan forklarer du da at Recep Tayyip Erdogan, statsministeren i NATO-landet Tyrkia, har sagt offentlig at det ikke finnes noe moderat islam? Han er tross alt en veldig, veldig moderat muslimsk mann i et veldig, veldig moderat muslimsk land der Adolf Hitlers selvbiografi Mein Kampf var en bestselger så sent som i 2005. Jeg vet hvor moderat herr Erdogan er fordi vestlige ledere alltid minner oss på dette faktum. Dersom denne eksepsjonelt moderate mannen sier at det ikke finnes noe moderat islam sa kanskje han kan være verdt å lytte til?

Det mest ekstreme jeg har gjort denne helga er å knapt sove i to netter på rad, først og fremst på grunn av de fryktelige hendelsene jeg nettopp hadde vært vitne til, men også på grunn av falske rykter som sirkulerte i flere dager i flere land om at denne mannen som massakrerte nesten 100 personer var meg. Jeg har vært i bloggebransjen i noen år nå og har vært gjennom enkelte offentlige krangler på veien, men jeg er aldri før blitt beskyldt for å være den verste massemorderen i skandinavisk historie. Det er første gang selv for meg, og jeg håper inderlig at det ikke blir en andre gang. Jeg er et normalt menneske og satte ikke spesielt stort pris på dette. Det nest mest ekstreme jeg har gjort denne helga er å se en gammel film, drikke Pinot noir rødvin fra New Zealand og lese en bok om middelalderhistorie. Dette er også det mest ekstreme jeg gjør i en gjennomsnittlig helg.

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Fjordman Welcomes Our New Readers

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome to readers of Dagbladet and Der Spiegel!

The latter publication, however, falsely labels us a “hate blog.” This is not true: we are a love blog; we are lovers of truth.

I will try to respond to the best of my abilities to the rumors that are now spreading. The top rumor to kill, still being circulated in certain quarters by people who should know better, is that I am identical to the shooter.

I am not. Nor have I ever met him. I have not yet had the time or energy to read his alleged manifesto, but it I hear he has posted quotes from my work. I dislike that in the extreme, but there is little else I can do about it. All of my writings are made available for free on the Internet. However, I also hear rumors from others, which I cannot myself confirm at the moment, that he has posted references to Shakespeare, John Locke, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill as well.

I hope these writers will not be classified as “hate speech” from now on.

I would also like to point out that the latest information quoted in the mass media indicates that he planned this attack as far back as nine years ago. I did not exist under the name Fjordman back then, nor as far as I know did Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch. Please keep that in mind, as we all try to digest the unspeakable evil that we witnessed this past Friday.

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Fjordman Speaks Out

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I notice that certain bloggers such as Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs keep spreading the utterly false rumor that I am the evil shooter from Utøya, the island just outside of Oslo.

I have absolutely no idea who planted that rumor or for what reason, but they obviously don’t wish me well. For the record, I was live-blogging about these horrible events the entire Friday evening, which can be confirmed by nearly a dozen different individuals.

I didn’t respond to these rumors earlier because I was too emotionally exhausted from yesterday’s events. It was hard to pay attention to such things, but now I feel that I must. Some people really do want to smear me that badly.

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