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Articles about Islam and Islamization
Published date Title Hits Rating
2016/6/26 ISIS member executes his own mother in public 17797 2.5530
2014/11/9 Tears of Jihad 15907 2.3922
2014/10/24 A Muslim Hits A NYC Cop In The Head With A Hatchet 22939 2.4268
2014/10/21 ISIS releases sickening stoning video 61542 2.1605
2014/10/21 Obama Weapons Drop Misses Target, Falls Into ISIS Hands 16498 2.3488
2014/10/19 The true face of islam - the video Labour didn't want to go public 25181 2.3609
Total items : 6 Total hits : 159864  
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Mecca History of the Condom Egyptian Muslim Ring Uses Sexual Coercion to Convert Christian Girls
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     "There is no moderate Islam and radical Islam. There is only Islam, only one Islam. Islam in itself is always against freedom, always against non-muslims."

Wafa Sultan - former Muslim woman