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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Hamas Rockets Hit their Own Civilians Twice as Often as They Hit Israelis

Hamas Rockets Hit their Own Civilians Twice as Often as They Hit Israelis    Bookmark and Share  

This sort of thing is not really a problem for Hamas, which is unique in viewing its own civilians not only as collateral damage, but as successful hits so long as their deaths can be blamed on Israel. That was the case with Mahmoud Sadallah, a Muslim child presented to the Egyptian Prime Minister by the Hamas leader in a splashy photo op, who was actually killed by a Hamas rocket.

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Sixty out of the 703 rockets Hamas fired during the four days of Operation Pillar of Defense fell inside the Gaza Strip on Palestinian civilians, PMO Spokesman said on Twitter on Saturday.

Only 27 of the rockets fell on urban areas in Israel.

Hamas would rather have a higher kill ratio of Israelis, but it will also accept a kill ratio of their own Gazan Muslims. And if they can’t kill Israelis, they can still terrorize them with constant launches and remain relevant that way while giving their Qatari backers a good show for their money. As long as Israelis are running to shelters in major cities and Obama is pleading with Egypt and Turkey to convince Hamas to accept a ceasefire, then Hamas is still winning.

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