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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Eight Muslim teenagers held for gang rape near Stockholm

Eight Muslim teenagers held for gang rape near Stockholm    Bookmark and Share  

The rape of the 15-year-old girl reportedly took place in an apartment in the north Stockholm suburb of Tensta at the weekend.

Police told the TT news agency that one suspect was arrested on Monday, while several more were arrested on Tuesday.

According to the Expressen newspaper, a total of eight teenage boys, all under the age of 18, are being held on suspicion of aggravated rape.

"We can't rule out that there will be more arrests," police spokesman Mats Eriksson told the paper.

The case is the third suspected gang rape to take place in the Stockholm area in recent months.

In late January, three men, two of whom were teenagers, were ordered held on remand on suspicion of raping a woman in central Stockholm in December.

In mid-January, a woman reported being attacked and raped by five men in Sundbyberg, just west of Stockholm.


Mehmet Acaralp
Allaeddin Ben Othman
Yassin Mohamed Ben Lotfi Mbarki
Adam Aden Jibril
Ibrahim Hussein Bashir
Yakob Said
Akrem Abdu Amer
Mickele Amanuel Araya

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