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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Muslim Terrorists Caught Crossing US Border

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It is usually assumed that most illegals caught crossing the US/Mexican border are South Americans.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that thousands of the illegals caught crossing the borders are classified as “OTMs” (Other Than Mexicans). A substantial number of these OTMs are Muslim terrorists.

Records from a detention center near Phoenix, AZ, show illegals from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and Yemen in custody.

Former Arizona Congressman JD Hayworth said in an interview, “There are definitely people out there who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.”

An Arizona rancher, who lives right near the border, found a Muslim prayer rug on his property. He said, “This is a good indicator that there’s a whole lot of people other than just Mexicans coming into the United States.”

“The American public has been kept in the dark about this whole issue,” said Dave Stoddard, a former border patrol agent with 20 years of experience.

A Congressional report shows how most Muslims are illegally entering the country. They travel from Europe to the tri-border region of South America. While there, many of them learn to speak Spanish, and then blend in with Mexicans attempting to enter the US.

One of America’s most wanted terrorists was actually found in Atlanta. It is suspected that he entered the US by crossing the Mexican border.

“If we learned anything from 911, it should have been that borders are important,” said Hayworth.


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