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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Fury as elementary school lowers American flag and replaces it with Saudi Arabian one

Fury as elementary school lowers American flag and replaces it with Saudi Arabian one    Bookmark and Share  

Parents of children at an elementary school in Colorado are furious after the American flag was lowered at the multi-cultural school and replaced with a Saudi Arabian flag.

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, someone at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins appears to have lowered the American symbol while raising that of the Muslim country in its place.

The flag is thought to have initially been hung at the school as one of many posted around the site in recognition of the various nationalities represented by the young students.

The school's principal insisted the flag was not raised by a member of staff in order to disrespect the American flag - and said the American flag immediately was returned to its prominent position when the issue came to his attention.

But parents argue the display was a direct violation of federal law, which states: 'No other flag or pennant should be placed above, or, if on same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America.'

They argue it's the result of the effect a growing Muslim population is having on the area.

A photograph of the Saudi Arabian flag was taken by a concerned local and first posted on the Greeley Report blog.

'We realise this is an extremely sensitive time with us getting close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11,' the school's principal, Brian Carpenter said.

'Bauder Elementary School serves a diverse international population of students. As a means of recognising the varied nationalities of students, flags from the students’ respective countries fly within the school’s center lobby.

'The American flag always sits highest in the centre of a window alcove with the other nation flags being tilted from a lower position.'

He insisted no one at the school had created the display and added: 'The American flag is very important to us and this country so we treat it with respect.'


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