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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Germany: Muslims Demand "Anti-Islamic Racism" Be Made a Crime

Germany: Muslims Demand "Anti-Islamic Racism" Be Made a Crime    Bookmark and Share  

Social scientists warn of a spreading hostility to Islam in Germany. The social scientist Wilhelm Heitmeyer told the "Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Monday that instead of general hostility to foreigners, resentment was shifting increasingly to Islam. "It's no longer 'the Turks' but 'the Muslims'," said the director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research at the University of Bielefeld. This generalisation leads to an ever greater rejection of Muslims within the population. This is socially acknowledged and concerns all classes. Polling revealed that Islamophobia is also widespread among the well-off and rich.

With this in mind, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, demanded that "anti-Islamic racism must be considered an independent crime". The chairman of the Central Council, Aiman Mazyek, told the newspaper that the government and security agencies until now had refused to record crimes and violent acts against Muslims separately, instead subsuming them within the overarching term "Hostility to foreigners". "This conceals the element of hostility to Islam," criticised Mazyek. For him, too, anti-Muslim racism represents a problem that "extends into the centre of society".


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