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Articles about Islam and Islamization > EU donates € 5 billion to islamic fundamentalist regime in Egypt

EU donates € 5 billion to islamic fundamentalist regime in Egypt    Bookmark and Share  

The European Union decided to give € (yes, 5 billion!) to Egypt, to support the process of democratisation in the country.

Let’s see what that really means.

The new powers in Egypt want to introduce Sharia, which means woman, christians (koptic), etc.. will be surpressed; and freedom of speech will be non-existing.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi officially signed into law a new constitution drafted by his own Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups, and which critics say has effectively placed Egypt under strict Sharia Law.

Morsi said now that the new constitution is in place, he can focus on fixing Egypt’s internal problems. But others say it will only exacerbate internal divisions and transform Egypt into a pariah state on par with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While Morsi claims the new constitution contains rights and protections for all Egyptians, its vagueness in certain areas and overt Islamic flavor has lead many to fear that radical Muslim clerics are going to play an increasingly influential role in Egypt, while minority groups and women will suffer.

“It’s a disaster,” female Egyptian lawyer Nihad Abu El Konsam told German media. “There isn’t a single article in the draft constitution that mentions the rights of women.”

“This constitution will set Egypt 100 years back,” added Abu El Konsam, noting that the Muslim Brotherhood had purposely left “open doors” that will result in Egyptians being placed under an extremist form of Islamic rule.

Hamdeen Sabahi, an opposition leader who placed third in Egypt’s presidential election, said the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists have “stolen” Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution, but he remains hopeful that they can be toppled.

In the meantime, “Morsi may have been elected democratically, but he is not governing democratically,” charged Sabahi in an interview with the Associated Press.

Evidence of that was seen in Morsi’s reaction to ongoing opposition to his new constitution even after it passed the referendum. The president issued a thinly-veiled warning that public demonstrations against his rule must end, because the people were tired of it.

Morsi tried to accuse all who oppose him of being responsible for the nation’s continuing economic woes, a tried and true tactic used by all of recent history’s most successful despots.

The threats seemed to be working. While the run-up to the referendum saw hundreds of thousands protesting daily in central Cairo and even marching on the presidential palace, now that it has been signed into law very few are taking to the streets.

As for the European Union: the Task Force, co-chaired by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamel Amr declared: “In support of the ongoing democratic transformation, Egypt and the EU will work together to overcome the socio-economic challenges, thus setting an example for the region and beyond.”

Catherine Ashton said she was delighted with the results of the Task Force: “The past two days confirm the EU as Egypt’s main partner in its historic transition. The Task Force is a new type of European diplomacy, mobilising all EU assets and working with both the public and private sectors.”

The European Union committed also to provide additional financial support to Egypt worth nearly €800 million for 2012-2013 (€303 million in grants and €450 million in loans). This is on top of the €449 million already provided for the period 2011-13.

The European Investment Bank announced potential lending of up to €1.7 billion for 2012-13, and a new Task Force fund, which can provide funds of up to €60 million for countries in transition.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development confirmed the start of operations in Egypt and announced plans for lending of up to €1 billion per year.


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