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Articles about Islam and Islamization > A Third of Germans Feel Unsafe When Using Public Transport

A Third of Germans Feel Unsafe When Using Public Transport    Bookmark and Share  

Almost a third of public transport users in Germany feel unsafe or threatened at railway stations or bus stops. In the buses and railways themselves almost 1 in 10 regularly feel "not very or not at all safe". That is the result of a representative poll conducted by the opinion research institute Forst that "Welt" has been given advance notice of.

There have been many high-profile cases in Germany where Germans were attacked and sometimes beaten to death by Turkish colonists, so it's hardly surprising that Germans are now fearful of public transport. This is the effect of diversity generally, as demonstrated by Robert Putnam. People retreat into their private spaces because those are the only places where they feel comfortable. The domination of public space is also one of the key imperatives of Islam.


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