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Articles about Islam and Islamization > 15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped By 38 Muslim Men For Several Hours

15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped By 38 Muslim Men For Several Hours    Bookmark and Share  

By Theodore Shoebat

A 15 year old girl in Malaysia was gang raped by 38 Muslim men, with each man taking turns for several hours. Police have arrested 15 men and are looking for the remaining ones as the investigation is going under way.

According to several media outlets, police chief Azham Otham said 38 men were involved. The same chief said:

"It is very disturbing to me that no one in the village was even suspicious when the closest neighbour was a mere 20 metres away"

Another activist said:

"We are seeing a prevalence in rape cases because boys are raised in an environment where they think it is okay to use violence"

One report said:

The men took turns to rape her for hours. Police were also investigating whether her 17-year-old friend was also raped. … Almost 3,000 rapes were reported to the police in 2012, of which 52 percent involved girls aged 16 and below, according to police statistics.

I could never imagine that someone could be raped by 38 men, but once you realize that we are dealing with a spiritual darkness, then the truth remains: there is no limit to evil. Satan has no limits, and the mind, under his control, plunges itself ceaselessly through the never ending ocean of sinister depravity.

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