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Articles about Islam and Islamization > Egyptian father tortures 10 year old daughter to death – because she was raped

Egyptian father tortures 10 year old daughter to death – because she was raped    Bookmark and Share  

A 10-year old Egyptian girl EH was killed after being tortured by her father after he discovered that she was raped, according to the Egyptian news website Masrawy

The father is a 40-year old man identified as MH, working as technician at the Egyptian House of Folk Arts.

He confessed to killing his daughter because of the mother’s misconduct as well as because his daughter had lost her virginity

He said he subjected his daughter to regular torture by beating her and denying her food and water

He said when her health condition worsened he tried to transfer her to the Suzanne Mubarak Hospital located in, but the hospital declared her dead

The website said that General Mohsen Murad, Head of Cairo Security, referred the case to the public prosecution for further investigation.


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