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ArticlesThe Muslim Brotherhood's "Peaceful Conquest"
(2014/6/1 18:00:00)
ArticlesEgyptian father tortures 10 year old daughter to death – because she was raped
(2014/6/1 17:50:00)
Articles15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped By 38 Muslim Men For Several Hours
(2014/5/31 16:20:00)
ArticlesIran: Men have the right to rape unveiled women
(2014/5/28 16:10:00)
ArticlesDenmark: 23yo girl punched, kicked, stoned and thrown into the lake - With her dog!
(2014/5/23 13:30:00)
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InterviewsInterview with Amil Imani
(2013/2/17 5:00:00)
InterviewsInterview with William Finlay (Wild Bill For America)
(2013/1/30 18:20:00)
InterviewsInterview with Walter Brown (ADL)
(2013/1/20 12:50:00)
InterviewsInterview with Daniel Greenfield
(2013/1/19 18:20:00)


ImagesIslamic "Fashion"
(2014/11/9 12:24:14)
ImagesNorway: All assault-rapes committed by Muslims
(2014/5/10 9:29:15)
ImagesAllahu Akbar, haha
(2014/5/10 8:12:48)
ImagesZZ Top
(2014/5/6 12:02:18)
ImagesKevin Carroll - Former Joint leader of English Defence League
(2014/4/30 18:24:25)
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Fjordman Files

Fjordman FilesIslamophile Illusions
(2011/11/22 17:33:17)
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     "Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain others in the practice of this religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him."

Joseph Ernest Renan - French expert of Middle East ancient languages and civilizations